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This blog is solely dedicated to reviews on latest beauty raves in the market. All brands featured in this blog are purchased in the Philippines.

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    Hi! I am Krisha. I have been a fan of products enhancing the true beauty of every Filipina.

    Watching my mom pick out her make-up must-haves when I was young tickled my interest on using these beauty products to create a same but better you.

    With all these stuff, I am still that person that believes on inner beauty. When you feel good, you look good.

    Beauty Loves ♥

    Clinique: Instant Perfecting Make-Up

    Colour Collection
    Colour Collection: Velvet Touch Lipstick in Mist

    Eyes Lips Face (ELF)
    ELF: Tone Correcting Concealer in Apricot Beige
    ELF: Lip Stain in Lucky Lady
    ELF: Contouring Blush and Bronzer

    Essence: Clear and Matt Make-up (Oil-Free)

    Etude House
    Etude House: Concealer Stick
    Etude House: Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
    Etude House: Magic BB Cream
    Etude House: Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner in No 1

    Ever Bilena
    Ever Bilena: 3D Compact Refill in Dark Baked Fusion
    Ever Bilena: Pro Long Wear Lipstick in Cherish
    Ever Bilena: Eye Shadow Trios in Tango

    FS Cosmetics
    FS Cosmetics: Promo Pack
    Fanny Serrano: Two-Way Cake in Orleans
    FS Cosmetics: Eyelash Curler Slim

    Fashion 21
    Fashion 21: Double Up Mascara
    Fashion 21: Stick Eyeshadow in Gold
    Fashion 21: Aqualicious Lipstick in Little Mermaid
    Fashion 21: Eye Brow Duo

    Go Naturals
    Go Naturals: Lip Sugar Scrub

    Kokuryu: Moist Lipstick in Chypre Rose

    LA Colors
    LA Colors: 6 Color Lip Palette

    Loreal: Color Riche Lipstick in Rose Bud
    Loreal: Color Riche Lipstick in Sandalwood Beige

    M&Co / Milk & Company
    M&Co: Full Glamour Lipstick in EA56
    M&Co: Soft and Mild Cheek Color in Pink Pinch

    Max Factor
    Max Factor: Creme Puff in Translucent
    Max Factor: Pan Stik in Noveu Beige

    Maybelline: Baby Lips in Cherry Kiss
    Maybelline: Clear Smooth Blush in Fresh Berry
    Maybelline: Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush

    Nature Republic
    Nature Republic: Collagen HD BB Cream SPF27 and PA++

    Nichido: Matte Lipstick in Temptation
    Nichido: Multiple Stick

    Nyx: Round Lipstick in Stella

    Pinkies Collection
    Pinkies Collection: Cream Foundation
    Pinkies Collection: Lipstick in Champagne Bubble
    Pinkies Collection: Eye Brow Pencil in Medium Brown
    Pinkies Collection: Two-Way Cake

    Revlon: Whipped Cream Foundation in Natural Ochre
    Revlon: Lip Butter in Candy Apple
    Revlon: Superlustrous Lipstick in Mauvy Night

    San San
    San San: Single Eye Shadows
    San San: Concealer in Beige
    San San: Pencil Eye Liner

    Sassy Colors: Nail Polish in Almond

    Shawill: Lip Balm in No 2
    Shawill: Blusher in No 004
    Shawill: Brilliant Shining Pretty Blusher in No 004

    Wet and Wild
    Wet and Wild: Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine

    Random: All About Beauty
    Lipstick Collection: Swatches
    Online Shopping: Unpacking Orders
    Liebster Award and Nominees
    How to Make Your Own Magnetic Palette (Z-Palette)
    Random: Go-to Make-up Palette

    FOTD: Sweet Innocent Homecoming Make-up
    FOTD: Simple Mall Make-up

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    Liebster Award and Nominees
    Sunday, August 25, 2013 | 4:40 AM | | 0 Comments

    First of, I'm so grateful to Yenyen of The Tinted Quill for nominating me in the Liebster award. You may check out her nomination here and find out more about her as she swiftly answers the questions assigned to her. :)

    As for the rules, listed below are the things that one shall do to participate and pass on this award.

    1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
    2. Answer the 10 questions asked by that blogger (the one nominated you).
    3. Choose 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers and nominate them.
    4. Come up with 10 questions to ask the chosen bloggers.
    5. Go to your nominees' blogs and notify them.

    Here are my answers to Yenyen's questions!

    1. When did you get interested in makeup?

    I've been a make-up enthusiast after college. It was when I was already allowed to actually try on different products for beauty enhancement.

    2. What made you start a beauty blog?

    I started a beauty blog when I got so much into the Youtube beauty community, starting with Michelle Phan's channel. I didn't have much resources and courage to put on a video that can be seen by millions of people around the world. With this, I decided to just created a blog where I can dump my reviews and experiences when it comes to make-up.

    3. What's your daily skincare regimen?

    Before putting on make-up, I see to it that I cleanse it first. Sometimes I tone but regularly I make sure that I put-on moisturizer before application of any make-up. With this, I am assured that no make-up sets directly on my skin.

    At night, I use the same cleanser but this time, I definitely do not miss toning. After that I put on my exfoliating cream and voila! The day's finished!

    4. What's your everyday makeup routine?

    I do not put on much make-up when going to work. I don't want to pile it up the whole day which may gradually damage my skin. With this, I just put on concealer to hide the blemishes and dark circles. After that I pat my powder on the whole of my face. Then, I take my brow pencil to fill in the sparse areas in my brows. I do not forget to color my cheeks by either a cream or powder blush. Lastly, I take a pick in my lip color collection to finish off my look. 

    5. Name three products you can't live without.

    Concealer, eye pencil and lipstick. I think these products are the essentials when it comes to make-up. They also have multiple uses so you get the most out of all the said products.

    6. What's your favorite shade of lipstick?

    I love nude-coral lip colors. Just the everyday lippie that one would want to wear.

    7. What was the last thing you purchased?

    My most recent make-up purchase was from HBC. These are Sansan eyeshadow's Warm Terra Cotta and Deep Earth Brown. These shadows are matte which goes along well with my go-to laid back natural make-up look. Oh! I also purchased a San San eyelash curler! :)
    8. If you were to create your own makeup line, what would you name it and why?

    Simple me(?) Since I'm the type of shirt and jeans girl, I also go with neutral make-up look. Most of the population I will cater are those who are still studying or just want a simple day look to go to at work. My line would be full of neutral shadows, not too loud lipsticks and blushes. And of course, highly trusty concealer, foundation, bb cream and powder to have a flawless canvass.

    9. What do you usually do to relax?

    Lately, I have been loving to stay in my room, light up a scented candle and turn on my iPhone for an interesting audiobook. Sometimes, I also surf some beauty websites and download a few videos in Youtube for my consumption :) if you know what I mean.

    10. Name something that you want to happen before 2013 ends.

    I think the best intangible thing I would love to have before 2013 ends in self-contentment. I don't believe in eternal happiness. Like gaining every piece or moment from your life that will always make you happy. You'll not always get the perfect job, you'll not be happy with your payslip all the time and definitely you'll never have a perfect life.

    The question is, what will make you the best person that you may be? I go for self-contentment. If you are contented with what you have right now and not constantly asking, "what ifs" and "why me" you'll have a better life. :) I know it's a long road but I'll be there.

    My Nominees

    Alice of Photo Escape
    Tricia of Nerdy Beauty
    Arriene of Mineeh11
    Andrics Clemente of Manila Couture Cosmetics
    Chrystyners of My Purple Points

    My Questions

    1. When did you start to love make-up/beauty products?
    2. What inspired you to create a beauty blog?
    3. Do you consider yourself as a beauty guru or just a beauty enthusiast?
    4. If you were trapped in an island and was allowed to only bring 3 products, what would it be and why?
    5. If you were about to make a skin-care "cook book", what shall comprise your step by step guide in your  daily regimen?
    6. List down your top 5 favorite beauty product brands (high-end/low-end).
    7. From your list above, what  product do you love the most from that specific brand?
    8. What lipstick and blush combination you're rocking the most?
    9. Would you pursue the beauty industry (i.e. develop your own skin care/make-up line, work on a beauty company, become a professional make-up artist, etc)? If yes, what would it be and why?
    10. What thoughts can you impart to your readers with regard to common conception of beauty?

    I had fun doing this! :) I hope my nominees shall have the same enjoyment I experienced answering these questions. If you're not nominated, feel free to answer my questions as well.

    Do not hesitate to link and inform me if you did. I would love to hear from your answers as I formulated some questions to know more about the products I must check-out soon.

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